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Exotic & Domestic Animal Educational Programs for the Community

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Healthy Exotic and Domestic Animals for Sale

(we are also able to obtain by request, most any legal domestic or exotic animal ! Call with requests, orders taken ONLY with deposit!) 

We are a USDA licensed ranch! We breed, buy and sell both domestic and exotic animals.  If we don't have what you are looking for; we can get it for you!!   Our animals are well loved and well cared for here.  Their "job" in life is to be friendly!!  Our aim when we sell an animal is to match the new owner with a pet/livestock animal that will be a long term happy home! Buyer is responsible for knowing and following their state & local laws regarding animal ownership. 

We are available for support before, during and after the sale. We want the animal to be safe and well cared for and the customer to feel that we are a good resource! 

We will only reserve babies prior to weaning with a 
non-refundable 50% deposit. 

COMING SOON!! AFRICAN PIED CROWS!! LEGAL crows in the USA, VERY intelligent, can be trained even as service birds.  Hand raised & bonded. 

Rabbits!! Social, sweet bunnies for pets. Can be litter trained & learn to walk on a halter! $25 -70 based 

Sugar Gliders: occasionally available 

Doves! Symbols of Love! Great pets, NEVER bite or peck, sweet companions $25

We will have a variety of baby goats this spring!!!

Registered Fainting goats: $200 males $300 -350 females 

Mini Silkie Fainting goats: $400 males $500 females

All our "kids" are disbudded, bottle fed & vaccinated!!